Founder and President (Rodrigo Castaño)

Rodrigo Castaño has degrees in Education, Philosophy and History from the Universidad Autónoma de Latinoamericana (UNAULA 1989.) He is also a psychologist graduated from the Universidad de Antioquia (U de A 1995) specialized in Human Rights. He has focused his personal life primarly on university teaching in different institutions like EAFIT, UPB, CES, Instituto de Artes, Politécnico JIC, Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, ATEC, IDEAS, etc., in which he has been a Humanities, Administration and Ethics professor in differing programs of Pre and Postgraduate degrees. Nowadays, he employs all of his energy in informing communities on environmental and communal topics, while being an active member of the Consejo de Cuenca de Rio Grande y Rio Chico, as counselor and founder.


Additionally, he is active in the creation of the Consejo de Cuenca del Rio Guadalupe and Cuenca de Guanacas.


As a concerned citizen on the destruction of ecosystems, through his Ethics class he developed a critical position on the predator that man may become, from which stems the undeniable necessity of educating through example and respect. Furthermore, in 1990 he created La Fundación Guanacas Bosques de Niebla, through the eyes of Ethics: Love, Justice and Liberty, ideals with which he supports the protection of native flora and fauna in the respect to the protection of water sources.


With his work he has accomplished to elevate his conservationist tasks through hard work and leadership with communities, communal action meetings, educational institutions and university and government bodies in the local and departmental levels. He has been honored with different awards from bodies as important as “Distinción Vida” de Corantioquia, “Colombiano ejemplar" del periódico El colombiano, Escudo de Armas Municipal y premio ambiental “Caracol Televisión”, recognitions with which he has been able to redefine the value and importance of felines in the Northern high plateau, indicators of biological and environmental stability, as felines are “El estandarte de la libertad y el Alma de las Cordilleras”, or “The Symbols of Liberty and the Soul of the Cordilleras.”

Isabel Cristina Montoya - Directora de proyectos

Claudia Marcela Rivera - Consultora Forestal

Juan Carlos Macías - Coordinador de campo 

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María Alejandra Moreno - Coordinadora de Proyectos


Henry Londoño y Germán Macías - Guardabosques


Teléfono:  300 394 57 37

Email: fundacionguanacas@gmail.com


 Medellín - Colombia



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