The Fundación Guanacas Bosques de Niebla undertakes its goals of restauration, conservation and expansion of cloud forests, generating and ensuring ecosystem services, and offering society a better quality of life. Currently, it boasts 900-hectare biological reserve in the country’s central mountain range of the Colombian Andes.


Part of this territory -now being conserved- was formerly employed in differing agricultural and livestock practices, as well as in other ventures such as mining and the extraction of vegetable charcoal; these procedures conjointly drove large tracts of forest to the margin of extinction and resulted in the gradual degradation of ecosystems.


In 1950, logging was suspended, (thus preserving existing trees,) action that has impelled the recuperation of the land’s original state. Withal, it’s home to watersheds, natural springs, and an uncountable number of species who inhabit the surrounding native areas, making this place a true sanctuary of life.


The Foundation takes its name from the early Cuchilla de Guanacas (Blade of Guanacas), which, according to oral tradition means “Sacred Water Over Rock”, concept that is evidenced in its Water Patio “Altar,” indicator of Solstices and Equinoxes.


In its essence, our logo is constituted by a droplet of “Water” and a “Hummingbird.” The former represents all forms of life we protect and the latter -the only bird that in addition to being able to fly forward, like all others, can suspend itself in air and even fly backwards- symbolizes times’ three measures: the future, the present and the past. In Adean mythology, the hummingbird’s flight encapsulates the spiritual world’s three dimensions: the superior world, the medium world, and the underworld. Hence its millennial reverence in all Precolumbian Cultures as “The Andes’ Sacred Bird” (“El Ave Sagrada de los Andes.”)


Teléfono:  300 394 57 37

Email: fundacionguanacas@gmail.com


 Medellín - Colombia



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