"Fundación  Guanacas  Bosque  de  Niebla",  is  an  NGO  that  initiated  its  work  for  the  protection  of  the  environment  in  1990, legally  constituted  by  the Chamber  of Commerce  of Medellin  and with  the  NIT  900174471  –  7; with  the  social  objective  of promoting and encouraging the activities aimed at the care, protection and restoration of the environment. Activities that, we perform jointly inside a protected area of 700 hectares with a continuous process of enlargement. 

Encouraged by the deep love and respect that we profess for nature and wildlife, we undertook the protection and restoration of the ancient mountain range of Guanacas with kindness, mountain protection in the “Andes Central Cordillera of Antioquia”, a mountain that is the  fluvial star of the North, where the streams are poured: “Puente Piedra”, “La Pelea”, “Guanacas”, “El Recreo”,  “La  Sepúlveda”,  “La mina”  and  “Agua  Mala”;  Shedding  that  currently  supplies  the  aqueduct  of  the municipality  of  “Santa Rosa de Osos”. All these important tributaries, among many others, bath all together the foothills of the "Alto de San Jose", whereby descending runways that bathe the North-East of the Department of Antioquia, assuring its invaluable water wealth within the   respect for biodiversity as a framework. 

Our greatest desire is to protect all forms of wildlife present in the sector, expand the biological protection zone and return to their forest silence and harmony of previous times, definitely away from their sheds the thunderous echo of the axe and the destructive threat of who only conceive the progress and value of the land from deforestation.


Teléfono:  300 394 57 37

Email: fundacionguanacas@gmail.com


 Medellín - Colombia



ESAL 2020


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